Friday, November 5, 2010

Clean Room

My room has been so incredibly messy lately. Growing up, I shared a room with my sister, and I was always the cleaner one. Maybe I was just trying to prove that I was better. Now that I am not rooming with anyone, it has become quite the disaster. Come to think of it...I AM a lot cleaner when I share a room with someone. I also shared a room with a roommate, and I kept it relatively clean. Well, maybe there is hope for Anthony. Haha:) It will be better in an apartment though because currently my entire life is in one room. Anyway, I didn't have anything to do tonight (which is such an amazing feeling), so I decided to tackle my room. I usually have to do this big major cleaning like once a week. The amount of clothes that I try on, take off, or actually wear is amazing. And all over my floor ever week.
I also wanted to start throwing away stuff that I haven't used before I have to move to the apartment. I like doing this. If I haven't used it since the last time I threw stuff away, then it gets tossed. I only got threw my makeup, and jewelry, and medicine, and purses, but I already have two big bags of trash. I know that I have clothes to get rid of. This will give me a lot more room in my drawers...woohooo no more stuffing clothes in tiny places. This is my project for Thanksgiving week.

My floor is clean. There is still gobs to be done, but at least I can sleep tonight.


  1. Haha! You were certainly cleaner then me when we were living together! I don't know what it is but I am actually MUCH cleaner living with Billy then I have ever been.. Somehow I think I'm actually cleaner when I live by myself then when I'm with a room mate. But I guess it depends on the room mate? Or maybe I just have gotten cleaner as I get older. Because I was cleaner living with you then before that, then cleaner living by myself, then cleaner with my last room mate, now I'm even cleaner still living with Billy. Weird lol. It's a good plan though to throw things out! I need to do that...

  2. I think we went through phases of clean and not clean.