Sunday, October 10, 2010

Therapeutic Time

I was reading someone else's blog this morning, and I was realized that I had not written in a very long time. Writing for me are very therapeutic for me because it helps me let out all my inner frustrations and worries, and usually after that I am much better. So really this blog is more or less just for keep me mentally sane.

This week I had to go to the Emergency Room. This was the first time that I had ever gone. And it was kinda voluntarily, so claps for Angela for being proactive about her health. On Tuesday on the way to recess I got kicked in the face with a soccer ball from a short distance by a first grader. Yeah, it hurt, but what can you do. The next day during school I was trying to look at some papers, and I was seeing black spots, and I still had a headache. I went to go ask the nurse if it was serious, and to make a long story short, my roommate Martha and I wound up in the ER for two hours that evening. I had my first cat scan. This sounded like sitting next to the propeller of a big airplane, which is where standbys always sit on planes, so it actually was kinda comforting. Nothing showed up on the CT, but I have to go back for a follow up tomorrow.

Anthony and I have found the apartments that we are going to live in! I am super excited! Well, I was super excited at the beginning because this apartments are beautiful, located on a golf course, big kitchen for me to perfect my cooking skills, no fireplace:), close to my job. Woohoo, right? However, the reviews of this place have not been that marvelous, and I thought maybe we had jumped the gun and moved a little to fast in an attempt to check one of thousands of things of my list of stuff to do. Right now, I am trying to entrust this whole living situation back to the Lord. Every apartment complex is going to have both good and bad reviews. Like Anthony said, "We can live anywhere for a year." I am excited about being proactive about meeting our neighbors and inviting people over. Hopefully, the Lord will enable us to channel our excitement to be a witness for Him as we build relationships with people around us in our new home:) Besides it has to be better than living next to a big frat house with drunken parties every weekend and shrieking drunk girls.

I have been recently reading the Anne of Green Gables series. LOVE. IT. I didn't know that there are seven books in this series. I think before I have only read the first three. Well, I am almost done with the third one. I will need to go back to the library, which I have been dreading because I have a fine (booo), and find the rest of the series. Sometimes I just imagine myself living in a time like this. Anne is such a likeable girl, and the Gilbert I have pictured in my head is so handsome, and I want them to get together so bad!

I have been so excited about the fall season. I love the colors and the weather and the holiday. I think I like Thanksgiving better than Christmas because our family is always together for Thanksgiving. Sometimes we have to move our Thanksgiving celebration to another day to accommodate everyone's schedule. I will love Thanksgiving week even more this year because I have the whole week off. I can't wait for fall to be over though because then I can go buy fall decorations that are on sale, so I can have them next year for my classroom and my home. I am DETERMINED this year to go somewhere where I can dress up for Halloween and carve a pumpkin. Since moving to Denton, Halloween has been the most disappointing holiday for me. I have been in tears the last two out of three years because I was either abandoned on Halloween or I was never asked out to a costume party. Well, I have already planned me and Anthony's costumes. We are prepared. Also, the first year I was up in Denton I decided to go carve pumpkins by myself the night of Halloween. Apparently at that time all the pumpkins are picked over, so I had a choice of rotten, smashed, or a squash. Last year when Anthony and I went to pick a pumpkin, all they had left were white pumpkins. Those things are dang hard to carve, and they stink worse than a regular pumpkin. I have high hopes for this year though. I am going to make Anthony take me out to a pumpkin patch, and take pictures of us with the pumpkins. My favorite Halloween was the year I went to Ohio and carved pumpkins with Brittany. Best ever! But pretty much anything with Brittany is the BEST EVER!

I had thoughts this week to start selling stuff on Etsy...of course I would have to wait until all this wedding mayhem settled down. My life isn't stressful always, and really there is not that much more to do right now, but sometimes it just is all on my mind at the same time, and I get super overwhelmed. Like today. I counted down the days today. 80 more days. I still feel like that is too far away to start an official countdown. I think after Thanksgiving I will get started. There is a friend of mine who has a countdown until she gets married, and it is like almost 800 days away. Um , yeah, no. Not doing that.

Anthony and I got new phone this last week. Another thing off our checklist!!! It has a slideout keypad. I feel like such a teeny booper. But I need to practice using the key pad style, so like totally text me.

Quick people I need some recommendations for songs that Anthony and I can use for our first dance. Our fabulous dance instructor said she would help us after class on Mondays. I love having dance class. I love learning something new. I think I want to take at least one class for the rest of my life. I am thinking sign language might be next...

I think I have officially used up my nap time today, but thanks for reading my verbal vomit. i already feel better about today. I think I am going to buy myself a new pair of jeans and maybe some shoes.

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