Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Run like the Wind

Sometimes it is just so hard for me to get up in the morning. It is not because I am tired. I don't hit the snooze on my alarm. I am actually awake enough to reset my alarm accurately. Maybe it has something to do with the cold and my amazing electric blanket. I like going to work, so I am not trying to hide from that obligation. I can only imagine that getting up is going to be ten times worse when I get married.

But I have been really trying to get up in the morning to spend some uninterrupted time with the Lord. Usually I can manage to come up with some excuse and justify that I can do it later in the day, but, for me, that never really happens. I also have always thought in my head that, "Oh, I am just in an inbetween stage. Once I get all settled, I can get on a schedule." But that is such a lazy attitude. I could define any part of my life as the inbetween stage. No more inbetween stage! I am going to take advantage of every stage of my life.

I also have started running again. A friend of mine from school roped me into running a 5k a month or so ago, and I just did it spur of the moment, no training. Since then, I have started running. (The 5k that I ran felt like death because I was so not ready.) Running really makes me feel better. Sometimes I really, and I mean really, have to convince myself to go running, but after I run, I am always glad I did. Exercise is also something I have also excused because I keep thinking that need to have my life organized completely and have nothing out of whack.

Spending time with the Lord and exercise are two things that don't require one's life to be completely in order. If that was the case, they probably would feel like that didn't need either one of these. I need both desperately. Both make me feel drastically better about myself and my life. Both take effort that is abundantly rewarded in the end. Happy Wednesday:)

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