Sunday, June 2, 2013

Run like the Wind

In preparation for my Pretty Muddy Run on June 1st, hubs and I have signed up for a few races between now and then. This was his first 5k, and he did awesome.  In fact, we both had our personal bests.  I guess part of my wanted to impress my hubby.  I am so glad we did this together.  We need to get back out to running though because we are scheduled to do the DATCU Dash in two weeks.  Eek!  

Sometimes toward the end of the race when I really want to quit, I try to find someone going the same pace and tag along.  Sometimes I will even tell them that I need there help to pace me, so I can finish.  

I only walked once this time.  It was so close to the end, I should have just finished.  That is my goal for the next race--no walking.

Finishing faster is always my motivation to run faster.  

Day after I got bangs, trying to figure out what to do with them.  

If you are a beginner runner, like me, just get out there and go after it.  My legs look ridiculous when I run.  No one is looking.  I think my greatest fear is always finishing last, but if that is improvement, then who cares.  You are going a lot faster than the person on the couch!