Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just say Hello!

Do you have trouble talking to strangers?  Do you avoid someone you kinda know in the grocery store but don't want to talk to? Do you find something in your hands to look at or fiddle with while passing people in a long hallway or on a running path?

I am the worst at this.  I think I over think what they are going to think of me.  Twice I have done this this week.  I have said something.  Then later I was like, "I bet they think I am idiot for saying that."  I had to have my positive voice in my head come out and get my negative self to stop thinking about it.  Seriously, anyone else have this inner dialogue going on?

A few weeks ago at student ministries  we were talking about our calling to share the Gospel with others.  In some aspect, that means developing a relationship with that person, and it all starts with saying hello.

For me, that is a relief that I don't have to have a whole list of topics planned to talk about, I just have to offer a smile and a hello.  Who knows what will come of that?

I felt the great impact of that a few weeks ago at BSF.  (If you don't know what BSF is, you are missing out!  Read here!)  I had missed Bible Study, and a few ladies came up and asked where I was and that I was missed.  Wow!  Thanks for reaching out to me.  I felt so connected and a part of the group.

I know that I have seen people by themselves at events.  I  know exactly how they feel--nervous, alone.  Step up and just say hello.  Let the Lord take the conversation from there.

This continues to be a struggle for me, but I keep making baby steps, and the Lord continues to show me the benefits of people reaching out.


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