Saturday, January 12, 2013

Make your own Farkle.

My little brother wanted the dice game Farkle for Christmas.  If you haven't played, it is a must!  It is a fun game for just two people or a larger group.  Unfortunately, the game is close to $10 for a jar of dice.  I decided to make the game.  

Here are the directions if you want to rig up your own set.

-6 dice (I included a few extra.  I found this in the game aisle at Walmart)
-pen (to keep score)
-notepad ( I used a sticky note pad)
-directions ( I printed them off here. I got and glued them in the cover of the box.)
-container (I used an old check box and cover it with construction paper.)

Directions taped in the top of the box.

Pen, notepad, and dice.

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  1. I remember playing Farkle when I was a kid! We just had a bunch of dice that we kept in a tupperware container for it--you're right that it doesn't need to be a fancy game, at all!