Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You are a schmuck!

Growing up, I, of course, longed for the return of Christ, but under my conditions, of course. For example, in high school, I vividly remember telling my small group leader that the one thing that I needed to do before Christ comes back is get married.  Marriage is great and wonderful, and I don't mean to diminish it by any of the following things that I say.  Marriage is, however, a relationship between two sinners, making it difficult in the sense that we are constantly trying to put to death the desires of our flesh and constantly asking (or should be asking) forgiveness when we fall short.  (Which is like all the time!  We are such selfish creatures!)

Recently, God has been helping me develop a more mature mindset when it comes to the return of Christ. Better yet, He has been making me more aware of the sinful nature of man and this world.  The other night, Anthony was telling me all about this crazy news story that have been happening.  The man eating the other man's face off in Florida, the woman in Highland Park getting arrested for distributing child pornography, the gay Canadian porn star that chopped up someone's body and mailed it to different places, and the man on the balcony who chopped off his wife's head.  WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?  (Btw he told me this right before I went to sleep.  I do not recommend him telling good night stories!)  

These stories seem so bizarre.  I was just overcome with the depravity of man and the stronghold that sin has in our world.  I prayed that night, "Come, Lord Jesus, Come!"  And this was the first time that I prayed it with no reservations or conditions.

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