Monday, April 9, 2012

Now I can SEE!

That was a pretty crazy storm last week. What a powerful reminder of the strength of our God! That was definitely evident when looking at our relatively new car. (Anthony posted pictures on his page.) The back window is destroyed, there are dents everywhere! Due to novice adulthood on our part and a clear lack of communication on the part of our insurance company, we are without a rental car, which is totally L-AME! Our friends have been totally great though, escorting me and Anthony to and from work. Thanks! It is hard to be a two person family with only one car--how times have changed.

Anthony and I started going through John MacArthur's Strength for Today. And goodness, do I need some of that! Today we read about our commitment to Christ. MacArthur referenced the story in John 9 about Jesus healing the blind man. I have heard this story since flannel gram age; however, God graciously revealed a new truth to me. In the story, Jesus heals a man that has been blind from birth. When the Pharisees asked his parents, they responded in fear of being expelled from the synagogue by saying, "Ask him. He can tell you." In other words, don't ask me. I don't want to tell you that Jesus did. I don't want to connect myself to Jesus. Umm hello people, we do that, too! Do you find yourself believing in Christ, but not confessing Him? Pray that the Lord will give you strength to recommit yourself to the Lord.

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