Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brag Day

Thursday Post
I would like to brag about the city of Denton.  Anthony and I have really enjoyed living in Denton together over the last few years.  We have made it our own home town and have no plans on moving.  Here are a couple reasons why I love the Denton town square:
(I love other parts of Denton, too, but once I got started I realized I could list quite a few things just on the square alone.)
1.)  The Opera House Bookstore--if you are looking for someplace interesting to kill some time or if you are looking for cheap books, this is the place.  The layout of the building is super old and fun, too.  The other day, Anthony and I were walking around and we found new room!  That doesn't sound too amazing, but we have walked this store several of times before and missed this part.

2.)  The Abbey Inn--Service isn't always stellar here, so don't come when you are starving because you will die of starvation before your food arrives.  I love to get their Aesthetic Burger.  It comes with blue cheese crumbles, bacon, and I add onion twizlers.  Mmmm...yum!

3.)  The Community Theater--cheap tickets and entertaining shows!  Who doesn't want to support the local arts?  This building has super col architecture, too!  It is small enough that you feel right up close to the action.

4.)  Free Events in the Square--The grassy area around the courthouse is the perfect place to enjoy live music and hang out with friends.  My friend, Alexa, and I went to the afternoon concert yesterday.  I was a little worried that it would be killer hot, but surprisingly under the shade tree with a little breeze, it was quite enjoyable.

5.)  Jupiter House--I put this one on here for Anthony's sake.  He loves this place.  I, however, can never order a drink that matches what I want in my head.  Maybe I am too picky.  I do enjoy the people that Jupiter House attracts though.  There is such a wide range of personalities that show up.  Definitely a great people-watcher place!

What is your favorite place on the square and why?

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