Friday, February 20, 2015

3 Thoughts on Comparing

I love this quotation.  I heard something along these lines for the first time when I was doing a Beth Moore study several summers ago.  I wanted to add a couple thoughts that have stemmed from it lately:

1.  On the most basic level, don't compare yourself to someone else.  Your body, your progress, your job, your marriage, your feelings, or how you express yourself.  Just because someone else is beautiful (you feel in the blank), doesn't mean that you aren't beautiful.

2.  This next point was brought up in Bible Study Fellowship a couple weeks ago, and I can honestly said I thought about this before.  Not only are we supposed to compare ourselves to others, we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to how we "think" we were in the past.  How happy we were, how skinny we were, how organized, how put together we think we were.  Often times we over-romanticize our past and don't accurately remember everything from that time period.

3.  Don't be the person who lets the thief in.  For example, don't be the person who makes the comparison for someone else.  Don't be a one-upper.  Everything is not a competition, so stop making it one.  Support them where they are at or keep your mouth shut.

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  1. Hi Angela. I love Beth Moore studies, they're so good! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, very true. :)

    Hope you have a sweet weekend.