Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The day someone was in my car

I talk to myself.  In the car.  All the time.  I have always thought it would be totally embarrassed if anyone heard me. Well, the other day, it happened.

I was on my way home from school after a particularly stressful day of dealing with child who have been given permission to act anyone way they choose without having consequences.  I was ranting in the car pretending to talk to this child's mother about her lack of parenting and how she should not be blaming me for the way her child is behaving.  I was expressing my frustration with my administration and lack thereof when all of a sudden I hear,

"Who is this?"

I look down in my lap to see that I have accidentally dialed a friend from school, which is embarrassing enough, but a friend who knows my frustrations.  Whew!

"Lisa?" I say after I see which contact I have been complaining to for the last five minutes.

"No, this is Grannie."

Gulp!  Not my Grannie even, this is Lisa's mom...who I have never met.  She has no idea who I am.  I had saved her number a long time ago in case I needed it.

Whoops.  Rant ended.

*Of course all of the details about students, parents, and administration are completely made up because I work in Utopia ISD, and those type of people do not exist.  People not doing their job--I have never encountered those people before.  

You never know who is listening...

P.S.  Any guest bloggers out there?  Free Button Swappers??

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